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Before we began selecting product to put on our shelves, we ignited a mission to trailblaze away from mainstream retail cannabis. We invited local artisans and eco-leaders to help shape our unique identity. After all, hasn’t cannabis always been about embracing others, sharing the love, and fostering all people?

Neat proudly introduces our legacy partners:

Robin Henry

Visual Artist

Robin became a friend years ago when we engaged in an indigenous-led fundraiser in support of the environment. We leapt at asking Robin to paint Neat’s iconic “Free Your Mind” mural in our Oxford location. Robin amazed and exceeded our expectations. Their work can be seen on our website, in-store and echoing throughout Neat’s design applications.


Robin’s story:

Robin is a multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator, of French and Anishinaabe descent. Their primary mediums of choice are silk screen printing, murals and digital illustration. After studying art at Yukon School of Visual Arts Robin returned to their hometown of London, Ontario to open a print shop (Antler River Press). Their body of work focuses on man vs nature themes, categorizing the body as an extension of the land and vice versa.

Michael Mullan


Michael and Neat’s London roots go way back together, so it’s only fitting that Michael’s trees and iconic London photoscapes are on show in our Oxford pilot store. When it came time to place the finishing touches of Neat’s vintage boutique design, we asked Michael for original pieces of his best work. Michael delivered with brilliant gallery works that speak to the best of Neat.

Michael was host and participant to many art exhibitions at diverse venues between 1990s and 2015, primarily in London ON. Michael’s passion and effort is supporting the artistic community and spreading the love of photographic art. His largest show was MASS exhibit 2a at the McIntosh Gallery, UWO in 2007; Michael was the primary artist and guest curator. Michael represents and works closely with diverse artists from across the world. His work has found its home of many private collectors as well as in the archives of UWO. His work is a study in lights and lines and represents the voices of the collective. 

Jonny Sikkema

Bzz Box

We heard great things about Jonny and his Bzz Boxes, so we called Jonny in to bring us some loot. During that conversation Jonny planted a seed, to save bees. That seed has grown into a corporate project, that has real impact in our region. Because of Jonny, we will never see bees the same way again.


Jonny’s story:

In the spring of 2019, five friends rented a cottage for May 24. We all pulled our stash containers out of our overnight bags and placed them on the coffee table. My stash container was sad, an old shoebox from a pair of loafers purchased years earlier. Placed beside the other sad stash boxes, it looked like a mix of school projects, lunch boxes, and Tupperware containers. Discussing our stash boxes around that coffee table led to the inception of Bzz Box. We design containers to organize, and neatly fit herb and herb accessories, and we make it look good.

Solving the problem to our unorganized and sad looking stash boxes wasn’t enough. We wanted to contribute in some way to something meaningful. We wanted to give back. At the time there was a lot of news on social media about the declining population of bees, and their importance to Earth as a species. We found our corporate social responsibility, and that corporate social responsibility led to creation of the name Bzz Box.

Bzz Box. Here to organize and store your stash. Improve convenience and usability, while adding peace of mind. 

Dan Heffernan

Bee Hero

Dan came highly recommended to Neat after we decided to help save the critically declining bee population in Canada. Dan’s hives are becoming a hit among local businesses, and we decided it was time for Cannabis to play a part. Together we are making history in our bee initiatives. 


Dan’s story:

I was born and raised London, Ontario. I’m the father of two children (Matt and Abbey) and steward of millions of urban bees, specifically the Apis Mellifera.    

I have always liked nature and as an avid outdoors person I had been aware of the issues facing the bees and moreover all pollinators, but I wasn’t doing anything about it. One day my daughter came to me and stated, “Dad, you must do something to help the bees.” This is my effort…it started with two hives and quickly grew to living with sometimes an excess of two million bees right in my backyard. The last few years I have immersed myself into everything “bee” and found out all kinds of things about the bees, nature, and myself along the way. What I have learned here and the problems I have encountered along the way have led to Heff’s Hives – a full-service honey house, beekeeping equipment supply and one of the most fun aspects, local contract beekeeping.

DOTBOX Digital

Brand Builders

DOTBOX is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge, digital solutions. Our multidisciplinary team has the skills, talent, and expertise to produce perfection down to the last pixel.

We elevate established brands to new heights and cultivate emerging, trailblazing brands from the ground up. By working in tandem with our outstanding clients, we express our shared passion for business to the fullest. We see the big picture, have big dreams, and won’t stop until we achieve big results, together.