Celebrating Mothers in Cannabis

by | May 5, 2022 | Media

A tribute to the mothers in cannabis to in celebration of Mother’s Day! 

Did you know….

What one of the worlds’ oldest and now fastest growing industries and canna-moms have in common?

Mary Jane made cannabis a hip-thing, Queen Victoria gave it royal status, and Canada’s own Agnes launched women-&-weed into the stratosphere.

Moms have been a driving force of cannabis use, legalization, education and normalization for many years.  Mary Jane Fernandez, Mom and educator, was one of the women on the trailblazing team of California’s Proposition 19 in 1972 (the start of cannabis legalization)!  Queen Victoria, mother of 9, was known to use CBD and history credits Cleopatra’s popular use of Cannabis oil as the first Cannabis poster-child to popularize cannabis in Europe and Asia.

Canada’s first official cannabis industry.

Master Grower Award went to a lady master, Agnes.  

The first female founder & CEO of one of Canada’s very first licensed Cannabis Co’s & industry leader is all about moms, and right in Strathroy.  

The very first official Cannabis investment fund for up-starters is lady-lead.

So on Mother’s Day 2022, whether you light up, drink up or rub up, offer it up to all the Neat Cannabis Moms and Ladies!

Jen (Hexo): An inspiring friend to Neat, Jen’s cannabis journey started in 2020 in Windsor, working in dispensaries, where she earned a great deal of respect for cannabis education and gained a wealth of knowledge she now shares in her leadership role.

 After gaining strong sea legs in the cannabis service industry Jen is now a certified Cannabis Sommelier and holds a position with Hexo Canada as a Territory Sales Manager for South Western Ontario. Jen has found her niche and loves what she does.  “I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people within the cannabis industry, in many different roles. Listening to their stories and learning about their roles and experiences has helped me with my own cannabis journey.”

On stigmas of a devoted canna-mom of 2 kids, “smoking cannabis isn’t always discreet, so I am truly thankful for capsules and edibles as I appreciate the benefits that cannabis provides after a long day of working and momming. It’s unfortunate that there is still a stigma with using cannabis. Nobody blinks twice at a Mom drinking a few glasses of wine because alcohol is so widely used and accepted as a form of social engagement and a way to blow off steam, but cannabis can still be viewed as foreign. I believe the cannabis conversation is important and go to great lengths to welcome that dialogue. The more people that are talking about it, the more “normal” it is going to become. I’m optimistic that lighting a joint will be as normal as lighting a cigar, or eating a small bag of edibles will be as common as opening a bottle of wine. Until then, let’s keep the conversation open and casual. Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed for wanting to take advantage of the benefits of cannabis because there are so many! I can’t wait to see where the future takes me!”

Barb: New to the Neat team, Barb is a champion bodybuilder and fitness model, health fanatic and dedicated Mom of a teenage daughter. Barb believes that natural healing and a contagious positive vibe is the way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and enjoys helping others adopt a purposeful outlook of positive living.

Leeanna: In spite of being raised in BC’s iconic cannabis valleys, it may surprise some that Neat’s Brand Director was cannabis-shy most of her life but an injury changed her view and she’s never looked back.  A proud mom of 2 teens, responsible consumption is front and centre as well as ethics in the industry.  “Cannabis must be made with care in order for Neat to get behind it.  How a producer treats its people, grow processes, environment, community are all quality factors that have to feel good before we can feel good recommending it.”



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