Our Story

At Neat, we respectfully combine cannabis tradition and legacy with advanced ethical innovation to bring you the most progressive products on the market.

Neat Cannabis Company is a rare gem in the rough. Our privately owned, locally operated business caters to Freeing Your Mind from main stream cannabis. Our vintage boutique concept was co-created by a professional designer that actually works at Neat directly with suppliers and our customers. You may see our CEO happily assisting customers too. Sure, we are busy folk, but no one at Neat is more important than you.

Trust us to help you navigate quality cannabis safely. We welcome you into Neat’s inclusive culture, where your mind is put to ease as we educate, empower, and share enjoyable experiences within our community.

Private Consultations

We‘re happy to offer scheduled private consultations whether you are new to cannabis, have special needs, seek in-depth education, discretion, or are a veteran consumer. Please contact your local store to book a session with one of our attentive managers.

Our Community

Fostering our own communities should be part of any company, after all it is the healthy heartbeat of the community that makes a business. We live near where we work, we shop here, we raise our families here, and we value local. Neat proudly support our local cannabis growers and suppliers, and we seek them out regularly.

Meet the Neat Team

Our friendly team of experienced Navigators are here to help and empower you to make an informed decision about the products you are purchasing. When you step into Neat you are always a welcomed guest.


Brand Director

The Chief refers to Leeanna as the “Jill of all trades” for good reason (not to be confused with Space Jill). A melting-pot of career cross-talents in Graphic Communications, Fine Arts, Construction, Interior Design, Marketing, Legal, and Business specializing in corporate ethics and strategic planning. Add in International Human Rights and advocacy leadership, plus 25 years of green thumb experience, Leeanna harnesses all she loves to do in one Neat place.

BC born and raised in the interior legacy-cannabis valleys; one may be surprised that she once shied away from cannabis. When Leeanna shattered her collar bone a few years ago she was urged by several health-minded friends to obtain a legal medical marijuana card. She declined, but it left an impression. Now jokingly known as Neat’s “Edible-girl,” there is no looking back, she’s come full circle.

Of all her hats, nothing compares to the rewards of connecting with the most inspiring teams, customers and community partners any industry leader could ask for.



Asst. Store Manager

As with so many nuances that separate Neat from others, Tabs is no exception. We call her Neat’s lady Cannabis Encyclopedia, or Canna-cheer-leader, and no one is more proud or eager to share her passion and knowledge of cannabis products than Tabs. The cannabis space holds a special place in Tab’s heart, and forever will as it aided her mom through her cancer journey. Being passionate about this industry, and everything it has to offer, Tabs has personally witnessed how therapeutic cannabis can be.

Tabs is determined to stomp stigmas surrounding cannabis that drive her to educate, and inform others that might otherwise resort to misinformation, propaganda and negative hype. Her goal is to make sure that consumers are properly navigated to their desired experience with cannabis the best way possible. Tabs says it best “the best feeling ever is when a customer returns happier than ever, because we took the time to really dive deep into their needs.”

If cannabis ever had a rare flower to behold, Tabs is it.



Store Manager

Paul’s rare brand of down-to-earth devotion to his team and customers can be summed up like this, “Is there anything I can do for you, are you ok?” as he smiles and means it, repeat, repeat. As Neat’s Retail Manager, Paul is a selfless leader and his kindness for others spreads into a successful team culture built with sincerity, compassion and wisdom that is broadly contagious to Neat’s customers. Paul is the always approachable go-to-guy everyone can count on, except to discuss social media, which he proudly runs from. Paul loves music and encourages the Navigator team to dance and sing.

Paul is a Leaf’s fan and though we share his pain, he soldiers on through his passion for Toronto Blue Jays, and Argonauts. London-loyal, he can be seen golfing, fishing, camping, outdooring at every opportunity possible. Paul brings his passion of green gardening, and cooking to the table at Neat, and is eager to exchange trade secrets with Neat’s customers. Paul loves his wife and cat, and it shows. Way to roll, Paul.




Taking credit is not his deal, so this is our chance to do it for him.

What kind of CEO doesn’t hesitate to be on ground zero assisting customers, supporting his team 24/7, constructing the next Neat project, and never loses sight of his people and roots? Mr. Bond, that’s who.

“Neighbourhood friendly” usually describes a business, but it’s how to best describe Todd. This London-born and raised family-man is a hands-on leader at Neat Cannabis Company.

Mr. Bond is a humble yes-man when it comes fostering the industry and community in meaningful ways, and he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty making Neat stuff happen.

Neat’s visionary created a Cannabis Company that marries grassroots vintage with innovative high-end wellness-oriented cannabis with class and a conscience while providing an experience to everyone who arrives at Neat. Very Crafty, Mr. Bond.